Keep pedalling

When I was a child, like most of us I’m sure, I learnt to ride a bike.

Up and down the garden I would go, trying to keep balance and not topple over. I must have memorised every bump and dip in our back garden.

Then the day came when my dad took the stabilisers off.

I practiced more, putting my feet down on the ground to balance myself and using the brake liberally.

And then magically, the moment came when I kept my balance. I was so excited that I started pedalling full pelt as if I was Sir Bradley Wiggins.

“How do I stop Dad?” I remember shouting.

“Use the brake!” was his reply.

I was so focused on peddling and balancing I just couldn’t brake. It was just too much all at once.

And so I crashed into a tree.

But it didn’t matter – I had learnt to ride a bike! I spent the rest of the day proudly peddling up and down the garden.

Changing something is a lot like learning to ride a bike. You have a goal to go from A to B and there are many things to think about.

Sometimes you hit trees and bumps in the ground along the way and things may not quite go to plan, but you just need to keep pedalling.

Things don’t have to be (and often won’t be) perfect. But you’ll know when you get there and its one of the best feelings in the world.

🚴‍♂️ 🌳💥

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