And that’s a wrap

And that’s a wrap.

Over the past year I’ve had the huge privilege to drive the transformation strategy at The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

It’s been a rare and amazing opportunity and the most professionally rewarding role of my career. Having the chance to work in a charity that makes such a difference to people’s lives has changed my life forever.

Thankyou to CEO Tom Wright, Chairman Jamie Hambro, Board of Trustees, Executive Director Team, Transformation and Strategy Function and the whole team at Guide Dogs. I’m grateful for the chance to have been part of such a lovely, talented and engaging team. Gonna miss you! And big thanks to everyone in my network who helped me raise £1,900 for Guide Dogs from your kind donations.

Saying goodbye to the team, brand and culture that has been such a big part of my life feels like leaving a closely-knit family. I’m super proud of everything we achieved together and I’m looking forward to seeing the incredible things you do in the future. I’ll always in my heart be a member of hashtagteamguidedogs.

Quick battery recharge and very much looking forward to starting my next role in January. Happy Christmas everyone!



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