A small win today.

Earlier this year I started to learn to bake and set out to perfect a simple sponge cake.

A sponge cake has 7 ingredients: self raising flour, stork, eggs, caster sugar, icing sugar, jam and vanilla essence.

Two months ago all of these ingrediants were freely available. Flour was a mundane and plentiful object. Today it’s become a rare and precious commodity with comedians joking you can buy bags on the dark web.

I last baked a sponge over a month ago as I ran out of flour. This evening I managed to find a bag of flour. I can bake again and plan on making a sponge cake at the weekend. I feel so happy.

Trransformation is like baking a cake. It has multiple ingrediants that all go into the mix. And you just know when an ingredient is missing as the cake won’t rise! I don’t think I’ll ever take mundane things for granted in my life ever again.

Stay safe. Stay inside. Bake!cake

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