One of my weekend lockdown projects has been overdue for years – sorting out the junk in the loft. Boxes and boxes of stuff, books, clothes and the like. Last weekend I came across a box of old photos. They made me smile.

The 1st pic is from the late 70s when I wanted to be a highway patrolman. The 2nd is from the late 90s dressed as a mouse to support an office ideas scheme. It was a horrible polyester thing. The 3rd was taken last year after running a half marathon as a dog. More polyester, very stinky at the finish line.

Seeing these made me reflect how my life has changed in some ways (losing the hair), stayed the same in others (love of dressing up!) and new things I love to do (running). If it wasn’t for COVID I likely wouldn’t have found the old pics for some time and made these connections.

This is kind of like managing change. Keep hold of the things you cherish, ditch the stuff you don’t while exploring new ideas. I hope when we look back on this time we’ll maintain and build on the positive things arising from this and change for the better.

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Stay away from polyester (and naked flames).


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