A few years ago I had a health scare. A routine doctor’s visit showed my blood pressure was way too high and I had to get it down. I was told to lose weight and cut my caffeine intake which was c.10 cups a day…

So I turned to Dr. Google and obsessively measured my bp. (On reflection, this probably wasn’t the best plan). It’s not like I hadn’t been trying to keep fit! Over the years I would buy fitness magazines to follow routines to ‘get ripped’. They never worked.

I needed to transform my approach. So I hired a trainer, took up running, drank MUCH less coffee and cut my salt. Over time these made a huge change to my health. My bp is down, weight dropped & caffeine controlled.

Getting expert advice is key. Hypertension is common, affecting 1 in 3 UK adults.
Follow this link for NICE guidance (wish I’d read years ago).


Today I took part in a NICE ‘hypertension hackathon’ which was awesome. Big thanks to Johanna for driving this; great team, high energy & great outcomes. I’m inspired! This kind of work is at the beating heart of our transformation. Here’s a selfie mid-hack with our sub-team!

#NICEConnect #TeamNICE


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