COVID-19 has transformed our street. What was once a quiet terraced commuter street where people occasionally nodded and said hello has turned into something remarkable.

When we entered lockdown, one neighbour came up with the idea of a WhatsApp group to look out for each other. I’m sure this kind of thing must be happening everywhere. What started with a few people has now turned into hundreds.

Neighbours now ask while they are out shopping if anyone needs anything.

Neighbours are lending tools and gifting items to each other.

One neighbour did a sponsored cook and raised hundreds for the NHS.

One neighbour has organised a collection for the local food bank.

One neighbour is a Michelin starred chef who has been sharing cookery videos from his kitchen.

Our Thursday clapping session has become a wonderful joint thankyou to the NHS.

There are even plans afoot to organise a street party when we eventually come out of lockdown.

We’ll never go back to before and we’ll be better for it. We’ve become a true community. Our street has transformed.

Transformation takes many shapes and sizes. It doesn’t need to be big bang. Small opportunities can make huge changes.

Stay safe. Stay Inside.


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