Sleep tight

I used to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Not any more.

My brain activity has just been off the charts over the last few weeks. I found it difficult to properly ‘switch off’ and sleep. In the morning it felt like I’d been awake for hours and be shattered.

Sleep is SO important. There’s no magic bullet. I had to improve my sleep process. After trying a few things a mix of these seem to work for me:

☕️ Cut coffee early pm, go to herbal tea
📺 Turn off TV, stay off the Twitter, phone down < 10pm
🧘 Walk / yoga clears Covid cobwebs
🧀 Avoid late night fridge cheese raids
📚 Read an adventure; ‘The Name of the Wind’ is great
🏗 Evening project; I’m building a giant Lego Batmobile which is super relaxing
🛀 Neatly fold the airing cupboard
✍️ Write / draw; working on my 1st stand up comedy routine
🧠 Get Headspace, the 45 min ‘Cat Marina Sleepcast’ is simply wonderful
📔 Keep a sleep diary

These have helped me sleep better. To improve a process keep things simple. See how things work with ‘pain points’. Try out new things and keep track so you can see what works.

Our brains are wired in complex ways, finding a path to relax will be different for all of us. I hope these may help you find calm.

Stay safe. Sleep tight.

sleep tight

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