Nudge nudge

Earlier this week I ventured out on the roads, the first time in the car in 9 weeks. It was strange to be driving again.

I think this must have been the longest period in my life I haven’t driven. Have to admit I was a bit nervous about setting off. But as soon as I started the engine everything clicked back into place.

I haven’t run in 9 weeks. I was supposed to be running 8 half marathons this year. That is well and truly out the window now! But driving again has given me a little nudge to get back out there. So tomorrow I’m going to venture out for a run, nothing major. And then the next day a longer run…

This is change management in action. Sometimes a little nudge is all that’s needed and things start to fall into place like dominoes.

Btw. Car started first time. That’s Volvo build quality for you. A mechanic friend has advised me to run the engine and take it for a spin every so often. A good tip; never know where it will lead.

Stay safe. Stay active.

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