Bin day

Before lockdown we were fortunate in our street to have weekly collections for both refuse and recycling. Over the years I took this for granted.

A couple of weeks into lockdown and the council decided to alternate the weekly delivery of each bin. It meant having to be very careful in what was thrown out in each bin and crushing down cans and plastics and tearing up Amazon boxes etc.

Space became a premium. I now find myself treating each bin like a crazy version of Tetris thinking how can I get it to keep reducing as new stuff gets thrown in and avoid game over!

There is a lean six sigma term called ‘The 7 Wastes’. These wastes kill business efficiency. Google ‘TIMWOOD’ for more on this if interested. It’s fab.

The big idea here is to cut waste. I’m now subconsciously adopting this thinking to beat the bins each week; for example, not ordering unnecessary stuff in the first place (transport), not buying more than is needed which could then spoil (inventory) and moving the bins closer to the kitchen (motion). You get the idea.

Waste analysis is a simple yet powerful tool for transformation and well worth adopting. It provides rapid results when adopted correctly.

Is lockdown bin day one of the most exciting days of the week now? (Asking for a friend)

Stay safe. Recycle.

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