COVID process transformation

Local business are starting to carefully open up round my way. It’s interesting to see the new thinking behind their processes that I normally take for granted. Here are a few examples of what I’ve seen;

A local garden centre has meticulously mapped each step of the customer visit to keep everyone safe and apart, both customers and staff. Separate entrance and exit, visibly cleaned baskets, 2 metre floor markings, staff calm and helpful, checkout a breeze.

My dentist sent me an email with a little video explaining how they have incorporated new measures in the surgery while keeping the message informative and engaging and very much in the spirit of their excellent customer service. It *almost* made me miss my regular checkup and hygiene visit.

I recently ordered a takeaway from a local pub. Food was ordered online and collected at a safe distance in the pub car park. They offered little extras like pre-mixed negronis as an up-sell. Didn’t need to convince me much.

All of these companies have transformed their processes and have clearly thought carefully about the customer sales experience while factoring in COVID safety conditions. And this is just the beginning, I expect we’ll see much more process transformation like this.

Stay safe. Think Process.

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