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The 52 Minute Habit is based on my experience leading multiple transformation, business process improvement and strategic change management programmes.

After over 23 years learning the ropes about how to successfully transform a business to achieve amazing results, working with some brilliant and inspiring people in a range of small, medium and large organisations, I want to share what I believe can turbo charge transformation in a business; whether it’s through business process improvement, change management or employee engagement.

I passionately believe by adopting a rapid approach to addressing issues, using specific approaches and applying the power of habit can deliver powerful, lasting results to any business of any shape or size.

I’ve delivered and coached these methods countless times with many fantastic people.  I’ve seen that by taking a bite sized approach to improvement, change and engagement can lead to and deliver awesome results.

I really love what I do.  I’m a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with an MBA and here are a few nuggets of what I have achieved over the last few years…

  • I’ve delivered major financial and people related benefit deliverables for the organisations that I’ve worked with.
  • I formed part of a fantastic team that won the Times Top 100 Special Award for Employee Engagement in 2014.
  • I set (and still hold) the World Record for the World’s Largest Process Improvement Workshop in 2013.
  • I led an amazing team that was runner up for Outstanding Leadership in the British Quality Foundation Awards in 2011.
  • I won the VP Award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Business in SAS UK in 2010.

So, whatever your situation – I hope you can adopt the 52 minute habit into your work and get amazing results. And if you are a responsible for driving your organisation’s transformation agenda and are looking to turbo charge your business, get in touch – my business can help you.

I’m incredibly excited and passionate about the 52 Minute Habit. I hope you will be too.


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